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 Save a horse (ride a cowboy) Beginner-Intermediate 36 cts 2-wall  
 Shake that thing  Intermediate 40 cts  4-wall  
 Shakin' Mix  Beginner 32 cts  4-wall  
 She's a firecracker  Beginner-Intermediate 32 cts  2-wall  
 Sheriff on fire      
 Shotgun house      
Short time       
 Side by Side      
 Side of love      
 Silver threads      
 Six Shooter      
 Skiff-A-Billy Linedance      
 Skiffle Billy      
 Slappin' Leather      
 Slap & Stomp      
 Somebody like you       
 Some beach      
 Something good     Intermediate   64 cts  2-wall  
 Southern Streamlinin' (Aust.Vers)      
 Speak to the sky      
 Spoilin' for a fight      
 Stars tonight      
 Sticks & stones      
 Stompin' out      
 Stop & Café         
 Sugar and pie      
 Summertime Blues      
 Summertime girl        
 Sweetheart Scottish      
 Sweet like a Cola      
 Sweet little story        
 Sweet Maureen      
 Sweet Pea      
 Sweet sweet smile      
 Tag on       
 Take U home      
 Texas Hero      
 Ticks in the moonlight      
 The Bucket      
 The Flute      
 The Rocket      
 The same way      
 The Shake      
 The Trail (of tears)      
 The world      
 They walk the line      
 T'morrow never knows      
 To be saved  Intermediate 64 cts  2-wall  
 Trapper Jacket Joe      
 Truck a Truck      
 Try this one      
 Tulsa Time      
 Tush Push      
 Two boys      
 Under the sun      
 Unlove me      
 Walk on      
 Walk of live      
 Walking backwards      
 Wanna be me      
 Water slide      
 Wave on wave      
 We are tonight      
 Weekend girl      
We went    Beginner/Intermediate    32 cts  2-wall  
 Where I belong      
 Whatcha Reckon      
 Why not me      
 You got that thang      
 Zjozzy's Funk